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O Rappa Letras

O Rappa - Instinto Coletivo

A live album with a few new originals
O Rappa
O Rappa Mundi
Lado B Lado A
O Silêncio Q Precede O Esporro
One of Brazil's best recent creations, O Rappa, a five piece band that comes from areas in and around the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, is slowly gaining underground attention in the United States. The lyrics, (all in Portuguese) are straight to the point yet very poetic. They sing about the streets of Rio and about the strange paradoxes that come with living in such a beautiful yet dangerous world. They also offer an intelligent perspective on the United States. With songs like, "No one regulates America", you can begin to feel how alienated the United States has made itself with the tired tough-guy rhetoric of the Bush administration. And that having countries actively thinking about the US in a negative way, doesn't help Americans.
The songwriter/drummer, Marcelo Yuka, was shot by a gang member and has become paralyzed from the waist down and has recently left the position of drummer. The singer, Falcon, uses a lot of interesting rhythms that are a breath of fresh air to many Americans that are tired of the same old garbage that the ol' American music industry has been pumping out all these years.

A note about the notation:
On some songs, I have taken the time to notate the music (simplified in chord name form). The music notation is not copied from other sites, as almost every other site has incorrectly notated "cifras" or transcriptions. Many sites have copied these "way off" notations from each other, creating a sort of "Bad Guitar-Store Guitarist" virus that is spreading rampantly. I have many friends that have learned these versions incorrectly, without noticing, I am caring to these individuals. Slowly, we can make a difference.

Other sites with information and music pertaining to O Rappa  
http://planeta.terra.com.br/arte/pemacaco/orappa.htm The most up to date site about O Rappa
http://jovempanfm.virgula.terra.com.br/especiais/rappa_reza_vela.php Information about O Rappa with a music clip.
http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Lounge/5843/rappa2.html Fan Site of O Rappa

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