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Artatom Multimedia is a new approach to Database Web Development using the most optimized scripting language that can be supported without a huge budget. Along with database development, we also incorporate marketing psychology and advertising design skills, Artatom builds your site based on logic and not trends. Our sites are specificly designed to sell, inspire, and communicate.

We can enable your site to be very dynamic, changing with almost every visit. We can design many dynamic elements such as: password protection ,dynamic calendars, easy-to-use online merchandise inventory programs, display the latest global or local news right on your site, upload pictures and create photo albums, custom database applications, custom online contact forms, and many others...

Most sites today are marketing Don'ts. They are psychologicly designed to confuse the interested viewer into intimidation and frustration, thus causing a quick and permanent good bye. Having a link to every resource on the planet is NOT the best way to get your viewer to focus on you.

We correct this problem with proven study analisys and criteria check-listing. Focusing the viewer to hear your story. Our number one priority is relieving the viewer of frustration, getting them in contact with the information they are looking for, in a stress free logical manner. If they have been surfing the web all day through dozens of illogical, slow loading sites, your site will feel like therapy to them.

We can also ADD to your hit counter by formating your site to man-handle the search engines.

Don't fade into the endless sea of copy-cat web sites, grab the attention of your viewers, with visuals that connect to your product in a positive respectable TRUSTWORTHY manner. From the web they can't see the size of your company, if it doesn't look established, your clout will fade, even if your a business of a 1,000 people. However even a one man business can appear to be a giant with a believable web site.

Artatom Mulitmedia, a new approach with proven results.

About the name Artatom: A description of our file size, very small, but powerful.

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