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Feeling bad is easy, but to feel good, you'll need an applied strategy. Here are some sure-fire tips to jumpstart your day. Nothing has to be followed to the letter, things can be ommitted. This is just an outline of tools that can give you a fighting chance to have a great day. Remember the goal isn't constant happiness, but peace.
There are two types of people that feel bad, those who want desperately to feel good, and those who enjoy the pampering and attention they receive from their sadness. You can tell the difference very easily as the ones who want to feel better will fight to feel better, and will try almost anything to do so. The ones who want to feel bad, don't try anything new. If you want to feel bad, that's OK, admit it to yourself and don't make it anyone else's problem by complaining.

Pre- Breakfast
Ozonated Pure Water
The colder and purer the water is, the better.
Best to do on an empty stomache, 25-45 minutes before eating.
This is to sterilize your digestive system. This is only required when you start to feel a little sick. This can be done everyday as well.

Oil Pulling
Sunflower Oil swished around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes.
Pulling it inbetween your teeth.
This will clean your teeth better than the dentist
This is good to do while sitting in the sun or while in the shower.
To super-clean your teeth, brush with a natural bar soap instead of toothpaste.
At least 2 tall glasses of Cold Distilled Water
(No Tap Water, Filtered Water, or Spring Water, only purified or distilled water)
This should be the very first thing one does in the morning.
Perfect Temperature: +4°C (+39.2°F).

Tap the meridian points on your face, hands and chest.
Verbally accept all of the things that are creating resistance for you.

This is good to do in a completely distraction free environment.
It can work well in a natural environment or in a dark quiet room.
5-20 minutes Direct Sunlight on your face,
no sunscreen, lotion, soap or sunglasses.
Relax your face and look up into the sun with your eyes closed.
This can be done with other.
Find something that might make you laugh, or at least smile.
Neti Pot Nasal Sinus Rinse
Warm the water to body temperature
35 seconds in microwave ( microwaving does not damage pure water)
This isn't just for those with sinus problems,
this will help many ailments, ie: Headaches, Back Pain, etc.
Exercise/Lift Weights
Alternate weight resistance, stretching, and aerobic excersize.
This is great to do in the sun.


The best strategy for health is to think in terms of ratio, give yourself everything it needs in small amounts together, and your system will start running smoother and smoother. The sea-salted apple with seeds is the most impactful part of this breakfast. The apple alone has almost everything your body needs to get started right. Adding the sea salt gives you a perfect ratio of electrolytes, for a clear mind. The seeds are an incredible antioxidant that can also prevent cancer. The old wives tale that they are toxic is false.

Split an Apple down the equator, sprinkle with Sea Salt, and eat the seeds.
Separate the seeds. Thoroughly chew the seeds with a bite of apple. This alone will provide more energy than the average American breakfast with a cup of coffee.
Superfood Juice Smoothie
Use any or all of the ingredients below.
Create a fruit juice base, by mixing juices (No sugar added) Fill your cup up to 75-85% full with just juice. The more diverse the juices in your juice mixture, the better. A good juice base should be brown in color. Many of the "superfoods" are very strong and should be taken in small amounts (Molasses, ACVinager, Cacao, spirulina, agave, stevia, coconut oil).
If it tases too sweet, add more Apple Cider Vinager, too sour or acidic, add soy milk, coconut oil, molasses, agave or a drop of stevia.
Blend your superfood items together in a separate container for as short of a time as possible, mix the two together, and then drink slowly.

Whole Grains
Multigrain breads (Whitebread is bacteria food.)
Oatmeal, corn, flax, hemp, quinoa, brown rice, ect.
Whole Grain Fiber is required to repair the sheathing around your nerves, tendons and neural synapsis.
Eat many different types of grains, Diversity is key.
Fruit Juice Base Ideas Superfood Ideas
Soy Milk
Aloe Vera
Black Strap Molasses
Apple Cider Vinager
Cacao Beans or Powder
A few Bee Pollen grains
Açaí Juice
Goji Berries
Hemp Protein
Wheat Grass
Agave Nectar
1-2 drops Stevia
Coconut Oil
Lunch should consist of many small servings of fruits grains, vegetables and small amounts of meats and fats.
Fried foods should be avoided.
A good diet is diverse, Raw foods are excellent for delivering many vitamins and nutrients undamaged, however, cooked food is also needed as the cooking process 'digests' some of the components into more absorbable nutrients.
Fermented foods are also another step in the pre-digestion process that liberates other required nutrients and probiotics.
LDLs or Good Cholesterol is also required for a strong brain and nervous system.
Try to have a Clean source of water nearby at all times and try to slowly drink 1/4 to a full gallon of water each day.
The purpose of Dinner is to provide your body with building materials to pull from in the healing process while you sleep.
You will sleep much more soundly if you eat plenty of green and dark green leafy vegetables.
Dinner should consist of only as much meat as the body requires, not desires. Meaning, you should only eat meat when your body needs to rebuild.
If you have worn your body out by working it, you will need more meats and fats than if you have just sat around all day.
Never eat meat if you are constipated, constipation is caused by dehydration and too much meat.
Other Things that can Help you Feel Good
Play some Music
If you are very shy, find a place where no one will hear you.
Understand that music is only forgotten not learned, meaning that when we are born, we are musical creatures, through society's system of feeling self-conscious and embarrassed we forget how to be musical.

Get a drum and just alternate your hands on it for 10 minutes, you will soon feel more comfortable, speed up and slow down, hit the drum in different places, create simple patterns that you can repeat until you can play without thinking about it.
Listen to the sounds, deeper and deeper, notice the subtle differences in the tones when you strike it differently
Try to make very loud sounds without too much effort, and there shouldn't be pain if the technique is correct.
Try to find a community drum circle, don't show off, just practice until you are exhausted.
Climb to a Peak
Climb up to the highest point somewhere that you can look around in a 360 panorama.
Choose a peak that you have the physical ability to reach, it shouldn't be too easy, but you should choose a place that is within your reach.
Bring plenty of water, food, and extra clothing.
It works so well to inspire and recharge that it is hard to feel anything but peaceful.
Reaching the top is symbolic to your subconscious and aids in every aspect of your well being; physical, mental and spiritual.

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